A Symphony of Cocktails at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant
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February 23, 2017
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November 24, 2017
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A good cocktail should be innovative, nuanced, and made with the highest quality ingredients; but above all it should be delicious. Our mixologists have years of experience crafting the most perfect cocktails. Forget your long island ice teas, blue lagoons, tequila sunrises, piña coladas and screwdrivers; at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, we strive to make cocktails that are modern and fresh, not overdone or tasteless.

From the Heart of the Adelaide Hills

Our cocktails represent understated elegance, uniqueness, originality and embody the very essence of the Adelaide Hills in which they are created. This is what our bartender strives to embody in every one of our cocktails. Taking inspiration from the four elements – earth, wind, fire and water – we have created a selection that will surprise and delight. Believing that beverages are a full sensory and theatrical experience, our bartender works with liquid nitrogen, fire and smoke to extract a visual and gustatory journey.

In winter, be cocooned in the warmth of our bar and restaurant and enjoy something that will heat the cockles of the heart and soul. During spring and summer, sit in the sunshine on our verandah and simply take in the serenity. Whenever you decide to visit us, enjoy the ambiance of our stunning bar.

If you’re a traditionalist, why not go for something sophisticated from a decanter in a crystal tumbler on ice? Otherwise, try one of our cocktails with a modern twist; our mixologists will be happy to oblige with one of our fresh conceptions. If you fancy yourself a wine connoisseur, we have a huge selection from the Tapanappa Tiers winery, and beyond.

Just one example of our summer fun cocktails is the To Be or Not to Be – a wonderfully refreshing punch of Ketel One Vodka, Solerno blood orange spirit, Adelaide Hills rosé wine, hibiscus tea and a splash of grapefruit. Served in a Crystal Head Vodka glass, topped with liquid nitrogen.

Sip on this delectable creation, settled deep into a cosy armchair, whilst gazing at the rolling hills of the Adelaide Hills beyond our verandah.

Be Tantalised by Taste at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant

Our restaurant and bar offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a lingering imbibement, with a gorgeous dark wood, marble-topped bar, a huge range of quality spirits and unrivalled views of the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Visit Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant and experience our cocktails today.

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