Introducing Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate
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March 2, 2018
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April 9, 2018
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Introducing Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate

With its unique terroir consisting of ancient terra Rossa soils, Bordeaux-esque climate and heritage vineyards, Coonawarra has established itself as a truly capable wine region in Australia. Producing predominately fine Cabernet Sauvignon, there are many vineyards in the area that have been passed down through the generations, making vintage wines aged in historic winery cellars.

At Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, we like to support our local winemakers, from the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley to further afield in the Coonawarra wine region. Here, we would like to introduce our winery highlight of the month, Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate.

A Historic Winery Embodying Integrity

As custodian of the largest, best and longest established vineyard sites in the Coonawarra, Wynn’s is recognised as the region’s standard-bearer for quality. With the first vines being planted in 1891 by Scottish pioneer John Riddoch, the vineyard is proud to be the oldest in the region. Ever since their establishment, the winery has been growing and building their reputation for excellence in wine production.

In 1951, the winery was purchased by Samual Wynn and Co., winemakers, and was taken over by David Wynn as his father grew older. Over the years, the winery perfected its Michael Shiraz (named after David Wynn’s son), and the single-vineyard Harold Cabernet Sauvignon. In 1998, Sue Hodder is appointed as Estate senior winemaker, working alongside winemaker Sarah Pidgeon and viticulturist Allen Jenkins. In 2002, the winery receives a major conservation overhaul to maintain its grandeur. This includes water conservation measures and re-plantings over the whole of the wineries’ 300 hectares. Another replanting was undertaken in 2011 to 2014.

A Selection of Quality Wines from Skilled Winemakers

The Cabernets of Wynn’s have an unequalled cellaring track record. For many years under the stewardship of winemakers Sue Hodder and Sarah Pidgeon, the maintenance of Wynn’s legacy is assured. In their capable hands, the winery continues to thrive and succeed, consistently winning awards and breaking new ground in the world of wine. The people at Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate are pleased to offer mini verticals of, respectively, Their Estate, Single Vineyard and Flagship Cabernet Sauvignons Benchmark Stuff.

At Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, we serve only the finest food and wine. Drop in for a drop from Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate, or visit their cellar door, and see what all the fuss is about. Make a booking with us today.

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