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April 9, 2018
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Explore the World Without Leaving the Restaurant with Our Cocktail Menu

At Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, our mixologists use high-quality ingredients to create distinct, nuanced, and enjoyable cocktails, with care. The vision for our cocktails is to recreate unique and original cocktails, taking inspiration from the seasons and the four life elements; air, fire, earth, and water. Our mixologists are delighted to be able to take their patrons on a journey filled with surprise and delight, using our seasonal cocktail menu.

Drawing Inspiration from the World Around Us

Our talented Cocktail Barman has crafted a fine selection of sophisticated seasonal cocktails for Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant patrons. Working with an array of exciting products as well as with ingredients such as liquid nitrogen, dry ice, fire, and smoke, he extracts the flavours that he wants customers to experience while embarking on astonishing visual and tasting journeys. As well as taking inspiration from the local produce and the world around us, he is also inspired by history and social figures that have had a major impact on the world.

Just one example of this is our cocktail inspired by Frida Kahlo, a talented painter, and a feminist icon. Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 and painted many portraits, self-portraits, and works inspired by nature and Mexican artifacts. For decades she has been celebrated as a feminist icon due to her depiction of the female experience. In 1939, a painting emerged entitled ‘The Two Fridas’, a self-portrait that depicts her two personalities.

Our Cocktail Barman has created this cocktail, believed to represent the two versions of Kahlo, the ‘unloved’ and ‘loved’ versions of her, inspired by one of her famed self-portraits.

Relax and enjoy this creation in honour of a true icon – a refreshing mix of Pisco, fresh lime, pomegranate syrup and orange bitters.

Take a Sensory Journey at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant

Let us take you on a sensory journey.

Enjoy a wide selection of cocktails, each lovingly crafted by our talented barsmiths. Our exceptional staff is committed to providing a complete experience for each patron that enters our restaurant and bar.  Relax or celebrate at Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, where we offer the perfect atmosphere where you can enjoy our extensive cocktail list while taking in the picturesque views of the Adelaide Hills, just a short drive from the Adelaide CBD.

Visit Hardy’s Verandah Restaurant, located at the stunning Mount Lofty House, to enjoy our seasonal offerings from our team of brilliant mixologists.

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