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The transformation of this grand sandstone manor hotel atop Mount Lofty has been extensive, expensive and ambitions. And the result? Impressive – especially across all aspects of Hard’s, its new restaurant. Former suites and a long enclosed veranda form an airy formal dining space and bar with gorgeous views across Piccadilly Valley. Degustations are carefully measured journeys with significant Japanese inspiration, but the chef adds original touches. Air-dried wagyu topped with cultured cream and caviar is an elegant snack, leading to the winning union of confit ocean trout with peas in a soup of beetroot and fermented blueberry. The far-reaching international wine list and cellar developed by sommelier Patrick White is a key attraction, his careful recommendations perfectly in tune with the kitchen offerings. This extends to a dessert of soured plum dusted with popping citrus candy. A rhapsody from start to finish.